Allen Rowand of Gray Dog Digital

Allen Rowand

Gray Dog Digital is my company. After several years of providing technical services in New York City, I’m bringing my technical experience to my (new) hometown of Portland.

I have a varied background. After earning a B.A in English and Communications and an M.F.A. in Theatrical Sound Design, I lived in the New York area and worked in the theater industry for over a decade. I worked on and off Broadway as a stagehand, as well as for some of the largest sound rental companies on the east coast. I’ve traveled the world supporting touring productions as well.

I felt it was time for a change, so I spent the next few years working for a company that made high end audio products. I got to work with musicians and engineers around the globe and help resolve their technical issues.

My wife and I decided we wanted to relocate to the northwest, so that meant another change. A former audio client found out that I was looking for a job and offered me a position in her company on the spot. I’ve spent the last few years supporting her customers on the east coast, but now I want to do more for people in my own community.

I am the president of the Foster Area Business Association and a former board member of Venture Portland.

We provide site hosting and technical support to the Foster Powell Neighborhood Association as a service to the community.

We support Family Dogs New Life Shelter though financial donations and participating in the Walk for a Dog program.

Gray Dog Digital's namesake


The gray dog in Gray Dog Digital. His background is pretty simple- he’s a dog. He was a stray who was picked up by animal control in Florida and was then rescued by Heart to Heart Small Dog Rescue. He came to us in 2012, and has since been on many adventures including our cross country drive from Florida to Oregon.

These days he is the mascot and chief security officer here, always letting me know if there’s mail, a delivery person, a squirrel, or other offender encroaching on our office.