We’ve survived the ice, snow, and flu! So let’s talk about some good stuff in a January update.

Digital new year’s resolutions

This is a great time of year to start practicing better habits, and your online security is no exception. Here are a couple ideas:

  • Review your passwords:
    • Make sure that you are using strong passwords.
    • Make sure you’re not reusing passwords.
    • Change old passwords.
  • Go through the applications on your computer. The following tips are from security researcher Brian Krebs:
    • Don’t install anything that you didn’t go looking for.
    • If you installed an application, make sure to keep it updated.
    • If you don’t need an application anymore, uninstall it.
  • Secure your wireless network:
    • Don’t give your network a name that identifies who you are.
    • Use a strong password.
    • Use WPA encryption to secure your network.

We’d be happy to help you keep any of these resolutions!

New Youtube video

We’ve added a new security video on two factor authentication (or 2FA for short). Using 2FA really helps secure you online accounts, computers, and even your phone.


We’re now a member of the East Portland Chamber of Commerce

Gray Dog Digital is now a member of the East Portland Chamber of Commerce! We’re looking forward to branching out and serving more clients in East Portland.